Puppy Contract
I, _____________________________________, agree to the following terms & conditions.  I am purchasing the puppy listed below for the price & date
shown.  The seller, Sandy Childress, has informed me, both verbally & written, of the buyer/seller puppy contract stipulations.  They are listed as follows:
The buyer has 48 hours from the time/date of purchase to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian for a health examination.  If the licensed veterinarian
deems that the puppy is unhealthy and needs to be returned, the buyer has to return the puppy within the 48 hour period.  NOTE: The seller does NOT
pay for veterinarian bills.  It is the buyer's responsibility to return the puppy within the previously specified 48 hour window if the buyer wishes to be
refunded the original purchase price.  NOTE: The seller agrees to refund the original purchase price ONLY.  No travel, veterinarian, or other bills will be
paid by the seller.
The buyer is responsible for checking with his/her landlord PRIOR to purchasing a puppy.  The seller WILL NOT refund any money due to landlord not
allowing buyer to keep puppy for any reason.  
The buyer receives FULL AKC breeding rights with the purchase of his/her puppy.  The seller does NOT charge anything for this right.  The seller does
NOT guarantee that the puppy will produce a successful breeder.
The seller offers microchip purchase and installation to the buyer upon request and availability.  This service is extra and must be paid the time of
Litter/Puppy ID:
Date of Birth:
Purchase Price:
Purchase Date:
Microchip Purchase:
Microchip ID:
Shot Received:
Next Shot Due:

X __________________________________________                ________________
Sandy Childress                                                                                        Date

X ____________________________________________                ____________________
Buyer                                                                                                                Date