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                                 Buck’s Bullies & Bassets
Charles R. & Sandra L. Childress                        (270) 286-4649
1677 Union Light Road                              
Mammoth Cave, KY 42259                       

Date:                                 Time Purchased:
Whelped:                           Litter Number:                        Breed:
Sex:                                   Price: $

To the best of my knowledge this puppy is in good health at the time of sale.  The buyer has 48 hours
date & time of sale in which to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian and is urged
to do so.  Any vaccinations or worming medicines that were given to the puppy prior to the sale were
done so as a preventative step toward stopping disease and/or illness.  If Buyer’s veterinarian finds
any serious health threats with the puppy during the examination (excludes worms, cherry eye, etc.),
the buyer will be refunded the price of the puppy listed above only, provided a letter from the
examining veterinarian is offered as evidence of the puppy’s illness and the puppy is
returned within
the specified 48 hour period
.  However, before any money will be refunded, the seller has reserved
the right to first have their veterinarian inspect the puppy to verify the illness.  

NOTE: The cost of any medical treatment at the time of the examination by the buyer’s veterinarian is
the sole responsibility of the buyer.  NO REIMBURSEMENT WILL BE MADE OF ANY MEDICAL

The seller assumes no responsibility on this puppy after leaving the premises, including medical
expenses, mortality, landlord’s disapproval, allergy to animals, disagreement with
family/friends/roommates, or for any other reason.

It is further understood and agreed that no warranty or representation has been made with respect to
sold puppy, except as set forth in writing in this agreement.

I have read and understand the above conditions and agree to the terms as stated above.
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Seller’s Signature                                                    Date
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Buyer’s Signature                                                    Date
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Buyer’s Address

Type of Worm Medicine:                Type of Shots:                        Next Shot Due:

AKC Papers Received:  Yes  No
If NO, then AKC Papers to be mailed to buyer?  Yes  No