About Us
Our Family
Our family cares for each animal here at Buck's Bullies & Bassets.  There are three of
us, and a half-pint.  Charles "Buck" is the boss,  Sandy is the most tender-hearted care
giver in the world, and I'm (Brandon, the son) the one that fits somewhere in the
middle.  Dalton "Doc" (the grandson) is the half-pint.  We are all part of the team that
raises puppies here for new homes.  It's a lot or work and consists of much more than
petting puppies and giving them treats.  We have a 80' X 24' kennel for our english
bulldogs to relax.  Each one has a 4' x 4' sleeping and eating area indoors.  They also
can go outside anytime they want.  There they have a 4' x 10' run space.  It is on
concrete and covered by a shade screen to prevent them from getting too hot.  Inside
they have a heating and cooling just like our house.  Outside we have to clean the
kennel twice each day to ensure cleanliness and eliminate unwanted odors.  We
scrape all animal waste out and wash it into a septic tank.  
Our bassets are fenced into large running areas where they are free to roam about
with one another.  They have plenty of shade trees, fresh water, and an automatic
feeder so they can eat anytime they choose to do so.  We play with all of our dogs
very much.  They are great with children.  Doc is around them a lot and they all know
who he is.  We keep our dogs clean by giving them baths on a regular basis and make
sure they are all up-to-date on all shots/vaccinations.  Each one of our pets is
microchipped to ensure safety from theft and also to help reclaim one if he/she gets
loose.  We love our dogs very much and try to make them as happy as possible.  It's a
lot of work, but it's worth it.  Check out the photos below of our kennel.
The Kennel
The Kennel
(left side)
The Kennel
The Kennel
(view from across the street)
The Kennel
(an inside view)
The Kennel
(trunk line to
circulate air)
The Kennel in
the Fall
Shade screen
over the pens
blocks 90% of
the sun
allowing our
dogs to stay
The Kennel in
the Spring
An example of our basset lots
An example of our basset lots
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My son lending a helping hand.