Parents: Twilight and Barkley
DOB: 9-16-20
$100 holds
Accept debit/credit, Pay Pal or
cash....No checks
Twilight, the mom in
Barkley, the dad, in
Male 1 Blue Tri $450 On hold for
Sarah Troyer of Delphos, OH
Male 2 Black/tan $450  On hold
for Kylee Alperman of Casey, IL
Male 3 Black/tan $450  On hold
for Tim Hamblen of Mt. Juliet, TN
Male 4 Light tan/white $450  On hold for C. Edward Walters, Jr. of Lexington, KY
Male 6 Tan $450  On hold for  Sarah Hallam of Portsmouth,
Female 1 Tan/white $450  On
hold for Phillip Lewis of
Chattahoochee, GA