Male 3 Black/tan $450  On hold for  Mark and
Mendi Penner of Murray, KY
Male 4 Light tan $450  On hold for   Kathy
Hensley of Laconia, IN
Male 5 Blue/Tan $450  On hold  for    
Lainey Jackson of Toledo, IL
Parents: Sunshine and Buck
DOB: 10-13-20
Ready: November 24th
Subject to Ky. sales tax
Buck, the
Sunshine, the
Male Black tri $450 On hold for Sarah Begley of Princeton, WV
If you have a pup
on hold, I would
appreciate it if you
would email me
the name,
address and
phone number of
the person it is to
be registered to.    
I do not invite
people in my
house because of
the virus.   That
way I can at least
have the
paperwork done
before you get
here.  Thanks
Stay Safe