Parents: Elsa and Smokey Joe
Born: July 22, 2020
Ready: Sept. 2nd
$100 holds  
Accept debit/credit, Pay Pal or
cash....No checks
Female 1 Black Tri $450  On hold for   Jodi
Johnson of Bee Spring, KY
Female 2 Black Tri $450  On hold for   
Wallace Family of Nashville, TN
Female  3 Tan $450  On hold for Connie
Dixon of Marble Hill, MO
Female  4 Blue Tri $450  On hold for  
Adrienne Hannah of Madisonville, TN
Female 5 Black/tan $450  On hold for  
Jordan Clayton of Cleveland, TN
Male 1 Black/tan $450  On hold for  Laura
Hurst of Cape Girardeau, MO
Male 2 Black/tan $450  On hold for  Leslie
Pugh of Mt. Washington, KY  
Male 3 Black/tan $450  On hold for  Mark and
Mendi Penner of Murray, KY
Male 4 Light tan $450  On hold for   Kathy
Hensley of Laconia, IN
Male 5 Blue/Tan $450  On hold  for    
Lainey Jackson of Toledo, IL