Best Buddy and Pal
He is and will always be the
one who stole my heart. I
have loved dogs/animals
before and still do, but none
like him.  He was special.
He knew just how to make
me or Buck do anything he
wanted done.   
A few stories on Copper.  
Buck aggravated him a lot
as he was growing up.  
Buck loved the original
Batman movie..especially
the part where the Joker
had that laugh.  He would
follow Copper around doing
that laugh.  Copper hated
it.  He'd growl at the first
laugh Buck made.    
Copper liked to sleep with
us, but he couldn't jump into
the bed so Buck would
have to hoist him up there.  
Several times during the
night he had gotten down
and wanted back up. After
Buck had done this three or
four times, he told Copper
that he wasn't hoisting him
again.  Buck had left his
pants lying on the
usual...and Copper had
gotten into his pants and
gotten his billfold out.  Buck
so happen to have several
$100 bills in his billfold.
Copper got every one out
and when I got up to go to
work the next morning,
Copper had all his bills
fanned out like a deck of
cards and was lying facing
them.  It's a wonder that he
didn't chew them up
because he loved paper.  
Buck made him mad once
and he wet on his boots on
purpose.  Buck made him
mad once and he wet on
his thermos.   Buck said
that he had a 'Kiss My ...
Attitude'   Buck would tell
him to do something and
Copper would like back at
him as if to say "Kiss MY
..." and do it anyway.  
One time Buck was
working outside with his
brother and asked me to fix
them something to eat.  I
fixed a ham and other
stuff.  I had to go
somewhere and hollered
and told them that I had put
the food on the stove.   
When I got back, Buck
said, "I thought you fixed a
ham?"  I said that I did.  I
looked at the plate and saw
that the pineapples were
still perfectly put on the
plate where the ham was.   
Copper had pushed a
kitchen chair to the stove
and had picked that ham up
with his mouth without
moving the pineapples.  
Buck found a little piece on
the floor.   He had learned
that if he couldn't reach
what he wanted, he could
get the chair and push it
anywhere he wanted to
be.  Once we came in and
he was lying in the middle
of the kitchen table eating
He had his own recliner.  
As he got older, he couldn't
jump up in it easily so he
would put his front paws on
the foot piece and look
back so that I would lift him
from behind the rest of the
way.   He only allowed me
to do this.  If Buck tried to
do this, he thought Buck
was aggravating him so he
would growl at Buck if he
tried.  The day he died I got
rid of the recliner. I couldn't
stand looking at it.    
If he went outside and
wanted back in, he'd look
through the glass door.  
Buck would say
"Password".  Copper then
would take his paw and
scratch.  Copper knew
what Password meant.  
I know all this does not
sound like a lot of people's
choice for a dog's
mannerisms.  But Copper
was not a typical basset.  
Bassets are generally
sweet and docile.  Copper
was anything but that.  
Copper hated to take a
bath.   I could say,
"Copper, you need a bath."  
Copper would look up at
me and growl.  I could say
anything else and he paid
no attention, but he knew
what that word, bath,
I have never hurt anyone in
my life, but if someone had
tried to hurt Copper, I
guess I'd have picked up
something and knocked
them down with it.  My
heart will forever ache for
him.   Sandy
Dec. 6, 1999-June 1,